Open House Roma reaches its first five years, celebrating on 7 and 8 May, 2016 with a special edition!
170 buildings and more than 50 events and tours organized by themes:
LIVING: visits to private apartments, which are evidence Italian interior designer tour in contemporary and modern residential complexes, conversion projects and examples of cohousing.
THE ARCHITECTURE OF DAILY LIFE: We’re going to discover all those buildings that daily life to the city, and representing a significant architectural and cultural heritage are often little known by the public.
FACTORY AND PRODUCTION: We’ll find out the places in Rome where it produces innovation; New generation manufacturing districts were born from the passion, creativity and initiative of young people and professionals.
CROSSING THE STORY: We go deep into the stratigraphic structure of the city. The Republican and Imperial Rome talks to the medieval city, with the “openness” of the Renaissance, with the nineteenth-century Rome, with the traces left by the Italian Rationalism, unique, up to contemporary architecture and construction sites.
CITY ‘OF KNOWLEDGE: We will open the buildings that keep knowledge, symbol of the city which preserves its past, but at the same time generates culture, knowledge, research.